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Sitha Basic training:

Every student will experience several healings during the training. All under the supervision of an Instructor.

The technique itself is very simple and easy to learn. Healing is a natural gift within everyone. But with most people it is not consciously activated. We will learn you how to activate these skills, develop them, so you are able to switch it on and off. So you are able to protect yourself by any means, and to prevent you from feeling drained or tired.

We teach Sitha Healing techniques and intuition, empathy and channeling. All very important tools in this kind of healing.

No matter what background you got, you can easily learn this. It only takes some interest, effort and devotion to the training. We also educate people in how to use the Sitha Amulet and it’s symbols.

In the basic training there are 2 healing methods called level 1 and 2.

Level 1 is healing sitting up, it is a clinsing, balancing and an energy refill.

Level 2 is lying down, and we call it deep therapeutic healing. Body, mind and soul. Working with the source for a total recovery of the synergy in body, mind and soul.

Distant healing and remote viewing is also at part of the training, and the skill of channeling messages from spirit guides and the spirit world.

Every class is limited to 12 students, to be sure that everyone follows the training, and are supervised in their individual development.

Contents of the training:

• Meditation
• Introduction
• Meet your own spirit guide
• Working with the Sitha energy
• How to receive messages and use your intuition
• How to heal others
• Healing methods and exercises
• Sitha balancing
• Sitha amulet
• Your own personal message from the spirit world
• Clairvoyance
• Distant healing
• Remote viewing
• Sitha deep therapeutical setup

Sitha Koda:

Sitha Koda is an independent healing technique, that doesn’t need Basic or Child. This technique is only to use with animals. Sitha Koda is healing and 2 way communication with the animals.

If you really want to work with animals, work in a matter of going deeper into healing and communication with animals. Sitha Koda is the right choice. We go way beyond regular healing and pain treatment. This is the package.

Communication with animals is very physical and visual, and Sitha energy will allow you to work with this son a high level. You will learn to heal with physical touch, but also distant healing. Go deep into the animal’s feelings and thoughts with this special healing tool, and secure the animal and its owner for a better future.

The training lasts 4 days, and is divided up into two modules. Pets and larger animals.

Content of training:

• Introductio
• Ethical standards
• Sitha Koda opening technique
• Understanding the animal
• Communicate with the animal
• Energy work and protection
• Interpretation of pictures, colors and symbols
• Communicate with the owner of the animal
• Decoding of pain and signals

Sitha Child:

Sitha Child is an addon module to Sitha Basic. This healing is primarily used for children and young people. Here you will get even more therapeutically tools, so you are able to work with children on their premises.

The training:
You already know Sitha Basic, so we can focus all our energy on how to heal children and young people. Children and young people often reacts to healing way faster than adults, and are often very intuitive. So how do we do it the best way? This is what Sitha Child is all about. We train something called dream travels while we are healing. On dream travels it is easier for the child to express feelings and thoughts through visualization, pictures and symbols. Through dream travels we get closer to the inner child, and can repair what is needed with the healing, caring and understanding. We also focussed on how to involve and communicate with the child’s parents, because it is often here the issues are hidden.

The total training is 5 days.

Contents of training:
• Introduction
• Ethical standards
• Dream travels
• Meditations techniques
• Communicative therapy and understanding
• Communicative techniques for children
• Interpretation of pictures and symbols
• Working with mind blocking
• release techniques
• Certification and diplomas