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Sitha Healing was first introduced to the world in 2006.
But, if the tale speaks the truth, this is really a reintroduction.
It is time for this knowledge to return and reconnect.

In 2006, Bedford, England – during a Life between life seminar with Dr. Michael Newton, this healing was channeled directly during a session. It took a year to combine all the pieces that were given, and to secure the power and efficiency of the healing. It was tested under various conditions, and grew stronger each day. The “client” who was also a student, was International Master Hypnosis Trainer Martin Petersen. He has no memory of this part of his session, but all got recorded and written down afterwards. After this session the Sitha Amulet was drawn for the first time.


A very spiritual and wise guide called Fenyard was handling the information given during the session, and it is still him who updates us with material and new techniques through SoulKey Therapy sessions or hypnosis work.

This form of healing appeals to everyone, everyone has this gift, and everyone can be activated. By simple techniques everyone can learn how to handle this powerful healing technique, learn to separate body and mind, and activate and develop their naturally given intuitive skills. It is important that everyone gets familiar with this eternal source of power and energy. And it is important that everyone learn how to protect themselves first, before they heal others. This is given with love and empathy.

We discovered that this soul and energy healing was a natural part of any hypnosis session, where clients are visiting past lives or their soul through deep hypnosis. And just recently, we did everything we could to update all the manuals and techniques, because the work has changed for the better, and is becoming much easier.

We secure that everyone can handle themselves and their clients professionally. This is done by high standard training and supervision.

Sitha Healing has 3 levels:
Sitha Basic – healing to everyone.
Sitha Child – Special healing to children and young people.
Sitha Koda – Animal healing and communication.

Hundreds of people have already learned how to use Sitha Healing Basic– Will you be the next?

We have demonstrated this healing in England, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Greece and USA already.

This is maybe the most simple and powerful healing at this moment.