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Learn this secret tool in 3 days tops.

This is way more than just another healing modality.

I have studied and worked with spiritual hypnosis since the late 90’s. That have given me a special insight in how soul work is structured, and how it effects our bodies and thoughts.

The Sitha Healing can be adjusted so it fits your needs, and support what you already do! It can be simple hands on, trance healing, guided trance through hypnosis, distant healing and advanced energy work.

No matter if you’re a believer or sceptic, religious or non religious, spiritual or non spiritual.


Because you’re a soul being on a human journey.

 Testimonials from our 1 day Las Vegas Workshop

Upgrade yourself to a new level.

See how Martin plays with energy with ease – moves it, pushes it and creates transformation on several levels with the body mind and soul.

The beauty in it all, is that everybody can learn it. And at the same time be in touch with their spiritual self, communicate with spiritual entities, be aware of their own energy and reconnect with the universal intuition.

If you thought Sitha Healing was just another healing, you’re wrong! Sitha Healing is the powerful type of healing a lot of people know from the soul healings that occur in SoulKey Therapy. It’s a healing that works with body, mind, and soul. Even soul connections. You can actually call Sitha the “Chi” of the soul. WHY is Sitha so revolutionary? – It’s both simple and clear. NO healing can connect as quickly as Sitha. NO healing comes as uncoded and direct-from-the-source as Sitha. NO healing enlightens your intuition as well as Sitha. YES, Sitha is uncut, modern, and still completely available in its most ancient form. YES, Sitha can be used with almost anything, but especially well with SoulKey Therapy. Imagine performing that healing “hands-on” with a client. Here’s the good news… It’s possible. Hands-on and distance-healing. The cool thing is that everyone can learn how to do this, no matter if they consider themselves spiritual or not! Sitha has a basic level 1 & 2, plus a special healing with kids and another with animals, including communication with animals. We will go through all of that in our 3-day training. To give you a quick overview, here is what you will learn with Sitha Healing.
• Heal others through your connection with Sitha.
• Develop a powerful and clean intuition with the healing energy as a carrier.
• Learn how to adjust and balance yourself for optimal vibration.
• Learn how to master verbal coaching techniques.
• Get connected with your personal spiritual healer guide.
• Learn how to use the amazingly accurate Sitha Healing guidance cards and color interpretation.
• Learn how to control energy on a physical level, with energy push and energy touch.
• Learn how to enter an instant trance for channeling healing and messages.
• Heal & communicate with animals on a telepathic level, just like the Native Americans.
At the workshop there will be a lot of exercises.
To give you an idea, here are a few of them:
1: Opening and calibrating the intuition and Sitha energy.
2: Integration and communication with other souls/spirits.
3: Channeling the Sitha Energy.
4: Group healings.
5: Your own personal multidimensional Group healing.
6: Animal Telepathy exercise.
7: Fast Sitha Channeling.
8: Short & standing up Sitha Healing (Level 1).
9: Lying down Sitha Healing (Level 2).
10: Energy push.
11: Intuitive messages.
12: Full sessions.
And did I mention… this is just some of what you will experience at this very intensive training. Whether you know healing already, or are brand new to this, we can guarantee that you will learn new stuff – more than you ever thought you would, and techniques that only we teach. You will have a great experience – guaranteed. You actually want this, your soul knows it – maybe you just don’t know it yet.