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What is Sitha Healing

Sitha Healing was first introduced to the world in 2006. But, if the tale speaks the truth, this is really a reintroduction. It is time for this knowledge to return and reconnect.

In 2006, Bedford, England – during a Life between life seminar with Dr. Michael Newton, this healing was channeled directly during a session. It took a year to combine all the pieces that were given, and to secure the power and efficiency of the healing. It was tested under various conditions, and grew stronger each day. The “client” who was also a student, was International Master Hypnosis Trainer Martin Petersen. He has no memory of this part of his session, but all got recorded and written down afterwards. After this session the Sitha Amulet was drawn for the first time.

A very spiritual and wise guide called Fenyard was handling the information given during the session, and it is still him who updates us with material and new techniques through SoulKey Therapy sessions or hypnosis work.

This form of healing appeals to everyone, everyone has this gift, and everyone can be activated. By simple techniques everyone can learn how to handle this powerful healing technique, learn to separate body and mind, and activate and develop their naturally given intuitive skills. It is important that everyone gets familiar with this eternal source of power and energy. And it is important that everyone learn how to protect themselves first, before they heal others. This is given with love and empathy.

We discovered that this soul and energy healing was a natural part of any hypnosis session, where clients are visiting past lives or their soul through deep hypnosis. And just recently, we did everything we could to update all the manuals and techniques, because the work has changed for the better, and is becoming much easier.

We secure that everyone can handle themselves and their clients professionally. This is done by high standard training and supervision.

Sitha Healing has 3 levels: Sitha Basic – healing to everyone. Sitha Child – Special healing to children and young people. Sitha Koda – Animal healing and communication.

Hundreds of people have already learned how to use Sitha Healing Basic– Will you be the next?

We have demonstrated this healing in England, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Greece and USA already.

This is maybe the most simple and powerful healing at this moment.

What is advanced PLR

The Past life Experiences can be both amazing and learnful.

As a soul youre not affected by the physical issues connected to your energy, and that is why some people will heal physically from a Past Life experience. Plus the fact that soul will sometimes find it very useful to reconnect with past life issues, so you will get the full learning NOW – and/or open up you’re spiritual search to fully understand the quest you’re on.

PLR’s are not just time traveling. There is so much information in those lives that you’re subconscious mind or soul wants you to see. Establish, see the specific situations, understand soul agreements, bring knowledge with you, experience how you left that life, cutting the silver cord of the soul that is connecting you to that specific life, accept the knowledge and only bring the learnings, skills and good knowledge with you.

This experience alone is powerful. And the way we do it, makes sure that you will get all there is waiting for you.

* Trauma release
* Untangle karmic limitations
* Finding your mission in life
* Recall hidden and forgotten skills & knowledge
* Working with relevant past lives
* Find useful experiences and evidence from past lives
* Clarify soul agreements and relationships

What is Soul communication

Not only will you learn sophisticated tools of PLR and Life between life hypnosis, a third level is also the intuitive healing and communication.

With no prior experience with either Healing or communication on a spiritual and soul level, you will be able to master it all through SoulKey. How? Well because SoulKey connects you with your soul, and as a soul this is something everyone master on a high level.

The communication is on various levels. 1. Communication with souls that you have interacted with in past lives. 2. Communication with loved ones who have passed in this or past lives. 3. Communication with other soul beings or entities who is connected to you. 4. Communication with your “Gatekeeper” – the one who meets you every time you cross to the other side. 5. Communication with your “Spirit council”. 6. Communication with the souls of the people who is a part of your current life.

During the communication in a SoulKey session, the client will naturally and easy channel, communicate or interact with other beings. It will be more informative, clearer and detailed than most mediums or psychics. With the SoulKey facilitators guidance, it is truly an amazing experience, and opportunity to tap into the soul knowledge that you have, and others too.

The healing we are working with in SoulKey is a healing called Sitha. That is the name of the energy, the frequency and origin. Sitha has been around a long time ago in the past, but was channeled once again in 2006 within a life between life session in England.

The healing has proved to be powerful, enhance the healers skills on all levels, and what is great is that as a soul, you all ready know this type of healing. The color interpretation & guidance cards works with any session, and will outline any session you just did, even though all 48 messages is very different.

See the color interpretation HERE


* Physical and mental liberation
* Physical and mental healing & optimization
* Intuitive control opening and control
* Initialization of your own healing force
* Opening of spiritual communication and skills
* Meet with counselors and helpers
* Soul contact on multiple levels

What is SoulKey Therapy

The SOUL KEY therapist is a combination of exclusive tools and methods, I have used and developed since 2002 through regression therapy, soul travel and work with life and in between the lives hypnosis sessions.!

I found many gaps and shortcomings in my mentors’ methods, or I often found that methodologies and procedures were cumbersome and complicated. Believing that things can be done simple and efficient, I began to develop things further.

Additionally, another favorite subject for me as a therapist and a teacher is the fact that we do things for our clients, and made ourselves available with professionalism and modesty towards our métier. Several of my colleagues perform their work very systematically almost by undertaking a mapping of the spiritual contexts to a psychological atlas. They most certainly are doing a great job, but their clients may well often be perceived as ‘guinea pigs’, since the Therapist’s priority first is to clarify questions posed to herself or her own theories. !

My approach and work deal solely with giving the best opportunities for the client to come closer to her own soul and consciousness to benefit from a maximum of self- development.! The Soul Key therapy is a multi-therapy, which has several approaches and outcomes, so that the client wins wherever they end getting information. Whether, it is an earlier life, the fire place hall, the soul contact, the spiritual supervisors or in the lives between the lives is of less importance. If we do it right, they will exactly go to the path leading to their answers.!

What is LBL

A lot of people connects Life Between Life techniques with Dr. Michael newton and his best selling books.

No doubt that Dr. Newton connected a lot of dots, but techniques similar to his was all ready used back in the 1930′s.

Human kind has always been challenging and questioning ideas about what happens after death, is there a afterlife, and are we reborn.

SoulKey is a neutral to religion and previous beliefs, and will provide anyone, the truth to their lives.

Our Life between life techniques gets you there faster, and with direct access to your counsil – if your’e suppose to be there that is.

* Reconnect with your soul consciousness
* Understanding life’s purpose, and why you chose it
* Spiritual upgrade and purpose
* Structure of soul groups
* Spiritual guidance
* Insight into the soul’s origin and purpose

These techniques combined with the other tools of SoulKey, makes this journey one of the journeys that will change your life and how you perceive life.